Compensated tailpiece for double bass is a sturdy, attractive replacement or upgrade – Quantum Bass Market
Tailpiece, bass, compensated ("harp-shaped"),4-string - Quantum Bass Market
Tailpiece, bass, compensated ("harp-shaped"),4-string - Quantum Bass Market

Tailpiece, bass, compensated ("harp-shaped"),4-string

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High quality, precision-cut, genuine ebony bass tailpiece, compensated [meaning the shape positions a longer afterlength on the lower strings]. The proportionally longer afterlength allows for more low-frequency potential from your lowest string. Ebony fret. Rear recess for the tailwire - holes in the bottom end of the tailpiece. Sturdy, great-looking, top quality tailpiece! Will it definitely make your low string louder? That depends on a few interdependent factors, so we can't say. It may require adjusting the soundpost and afterlength, and even with meticulous adjustment, there may not be perceptibly more low end. One thing we can guarantee is this tailpiece will make your bass look cooler. No matter how cool it looks now, it will look cooler with this tailpiece. It's a very nice replacement or upgrade.

Q: Can I install this tailpiece myself?
A: We strongly recommend a good working knowledge of bass setup before changing any parts, so if you do have the knowledge and experience, yes!
Q: Does this come with the tail wire?
A: The tail wire (tail loop) is sold separately on our store HERE.
Q: How much does it cost to have a professional install this tailpiece?
A: Installation is free here when you purchase the tailpiece and tail wire here!

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