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Tuner, Snark ST-8 - Quantum Bass Market
Tuner, Snark ST-8 - Quantum Bass Market

Tuner, Snark ST-8

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The Snark ST-8 Super-Tight clip-on tuner is the latest generation of Snark clip-on tuners and the replacement for its SN-8 predecessor. Not all electronic tuners are good at picking up the low frequencies of the bass, but the ST-8 does an exceptional job. If you don't play the bass (it's never too late to start), that's OK (sort of) - the Snark ST-8 works equally well for whatever instrument you're currently playing (while you're contemplating moving up to the bass). It's claimed to have an extremely fast reaction time, and it performs exactly as advertised. It's pretty much ridiculously inexpensive for what you get - it calibrates, so can be used with alternate tunings, and has a flash metronome (does not produce sound). So inexpensive, in fact, that you can pick up a couple of extras and keep one in each of your instrument cases. It's also fascinatingly colorful, and even cute in a Wall-E kind of way. It comes with a battery, which is handy, as it needs one.