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Bass Apron or Bib - Quantum Bass Market
Bass Apron or Bib - Quantum Bass Market
Bass Apron or Bib - Quantum Bass Market

Bass Apron or Bib

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Bass aprons (AKA bib) of practical design and quality construction are not too commercially available, but we have a stock of them by a professional tailor. Two layers of natural nubby silk upholstery fabric is long-wearing. The manufacturer has thought through a number of durability and practicality features. Rosin pocket AND pencil pocket! Attachment ties are a standard, easily replaceable black heavy-duty shoelace, strung through a sturdy grommet. The ties won't scratch your bass, are infinitely adjustable, and won't tear off the apron. If they ever start to wear, or you want a different style, replace them with any shoelace or cord of your choice. Think of it this way - in an emergency, they can also serve as a tourniquet. How many bass aprons can save your life? This is just one of the many reasons you rely on Quantum Bass Market to provide your gear. 

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