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Bass Trunk AKA Flight Case Rental Reservation

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Announcement: rental rates for our bass trunks are $115 per week, but good news! If you are shipping a bass you purchased at QBC, you can still rent at the old rate of $75! Contact us for the discount code to access your loyal customer rate for this reservation. Just another reason QBC is the more cost-effective choice for buying a bass!

Reserve the rental of our heavy-duty fiberglass shipping trunk, AKA flight case, for protecting your bass in transit. The trunk rental fee is $115/up to one week ($75 for shipping a bass purchased at QBC) - please note all transport costs and arrangements are the renter’s responsibility. To ship air cargo, you will need an air cargo account.

Included: use of the trunk for up to one week.

Not included: travel agent services for such matters as routing, transport price quotes, and transport payment processing. Local ground transport (such as to/from a cargo facility) is not included but can be scheduled with us at additional cost.

Weight with a bass inside averages 90 lbs. The trunk has handles, wheels, interior plush-covered padding, and straps to secure the bass inside. It will fit up to a 7/8 bass with C extension. It will fit in virtually all mid-size SUVs and up.

Use this site to schedule the rental, which you’ll be picking up at our facility during business hours Tuesday - Saturday. If you will need to purchase a delivery to Hobby Airport Air Cargo ($50), please email.

Upon receipt of your reservation, we will email you the rental contract.