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Bass Trunk AKA Flight Case Rental Reservation - Quantum Bass Market

Bass Trunk AKA Flight Case Rental Reservation

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Announcement: rental rates for our bass trunks are $115 per week, but good news! If you are shipping a bass you purchased at QBC, you can still rent at the old rate of $75! Contact us for the discount code to access your loyal customer rate for this reservation. Just another reason QBC is the more cost-effective choice for buying a bass!

Reserve the rental of our heavy-duty fiberglass shipping trunk, AKA flight case, for protecting your bass in transit. The trunk rental fee is $115/up to one week ($75 for shipping a bass purchased at QBC) - all transport costs and arrangements are the renter’s responsibility, including transporting the trunk to/from the cargo terminal.

Included: use of the trunk for up to one week.

Weight with a bass inside averages 90 lbs. The trunk has handles, wheels, interior plush-covered padding, and straps to secure the bass inside. It will fit up to a 7/8 bass with C extension. It will fit in virtually all mid-size SUVs and up.

You’ll need your own air cargo account to ship between any freight points that do not include Houston. Our account is security clearance only, so does not provide any freight discounts. We regret we have no trucking accounts. For ground transportation, we recommend Greyhound Package Express. Bonus - we only charge $15 for pickup/delivery to the Greyhound terminal!

Use this site to schedule the rental, which you’ll be picking up at our facility during business hours Tuesday - Saturday. If you will need to purchase a delivery to Hobby Airport Air Cargo ($50), please call or email.