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Bass Wheel, Glasser, 10mm shaft - Quantum Bass Market
Bass Wheel, Glasser, 10mm shaft - Quantum Bass Market

Bass Wheel, Glasser, 10mm shaft

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Sturdy solid-rubber transport wheel for double basses. Simply remove your 10mm endpin shaft (takes about 2 seconds), and install the wheel in the endpin socket (about 2-3 more seconds). Travel over long distances, park blocks away from your gig, join the marching band! A reliable product from the well-known Glasser brand; durable wheel won't tear or go flat. PLEASE NOTE: it's your responsibility to make certain you have a 10mm endpin socket if you purchase this item, and that you know your endpin is removable. Returns are accepted only in the event the item you receive is not this bass wheel! Please note: 10mm is slightly larger than 3/8" - some endpin sockets, particularly as seen on Chinese-made endpins, are either too tight or extremely snug when used with this Glasser wheel. We do stock other wheels which are specifically 3/8".

We find the wheel to be the safest and most practical bass mobility device - as opposed to 2-wheel appliances or externally clamped wheels. Having seen a bass totalled after it fell over from a standing position on a dual-wheel bass accessory, and hearing repeated reports of the bass rocking back and forth between the two wheels and turning over on its bridge, we would recommend using a single wheel or none. Just cowboy up and carry the bass the old-fashioned way. Or else choose one of our select, practical, durable wheels, such as this one, at the best prices anywhere.