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Double Bass Concert Rental Reservation (Laminated) - Quantum Bass Market

Double Bass Concert Rental Reservation (Laminated)

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Make a reservation here for a Concert Rental (short-term) of a laminated double bass. You'll be picking up the bass at Quantum Bass Center the day of your rental and returning it the business morning FOLLOWING your rental period. You can choose to book 1, 2, or 3 days at the same inclusive price. Rentals longer than 3 days incur an additional charge.

This Christopher DB 203 double bass is in excellent condition, extremely well set up, with a genuine ebony fingerboard, adjustable bridge, and adjustable endpin. The action can be adjusted to the performer's preference from very low (5mm above the fingerboard) to high (10mm). It is also drilled to accept the angled endpin. It is set up with a recent set of Obligato Medium strings and a Realist Lifeline pickup. All of our concert rental basses come with a protective apron and a bow quiver at no extra charge. It will come in a padded zipper case. 

Upon pickup, you'll be signing a rental contract specifying your responsibility for maintaining the bass in the condition you received it, the location of the venue where it will be located during your rental period, and the return date. 

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