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Emery, C - Bow Works - Quantum Bass Market
Emery, C - Bow Works - Quantum Bass Market

Emery, C - Bow Works

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This is the third book by Caroline Emery, and the most revolutionary. As bassists and teachers, we feel strongly that this presentation stands to revolutionize teaching (and learning) the bass for beginners as well as more experienced bassists who need to develop, refine, or rehabilitate their arco technique. The material is not radical or different; rather, it succeeds by highly organizing individual movements into an extremely sensible progression, based on more than twenty years of teaching. The author states, pivotally, that most flawed arco technique results from moving too fast in the early stages. Simply working through this book in order speaks for itself - the student is lead through rhythms and string crossings, at the end of 82 pages having a secure foundation and understanding of the movement of the bow, as well as reading music at the bass. It looks very likely the book will apply equally to the cello - we will be very interested to see what a cello teacher says! Published by Almusic, Sweden.