Eudoxa bass strings, set - Quantum Bass Market
Eudoxa bass strings, set - Quantum Bass Market

Eudoxa bass strings, set

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Eudoxa Bass strings are a very elegant choice for both orchestral and jazz playing. Natural gut wrapped with silver wire. They feature a very quick response, lots of resonance, and a beautiful "golden" tone that's round and warm in all registers. Perhaps not as much fundamental on the lowest pitches as you may find with some synthetic-core strings (if that's what you're looking for), but an abundance of warm overtones! Very fine strings for pizz playing - low tension, and the strings have a very minimal diameter for gut strings, so they don't require re-filing the nut and bridge slots to accommodate them, in most cases. They have a very comfortable feel to both the left and right hand once broken in. Some players report they feel some friction from the silver under the left hand when the strings are new, but the winding tends to smooth out after a short time. Eudoxa strings are also very helpful in keeping the trained period-performance player from going postal when you're playing earlier literature but the rest of the ensemble is using modern strings.

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