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Evah Pirazzi Slap Upright Double Bass Strings, Natural Gut G&D - Quantum Bass Market

Evah Pirazzi Slap Upright Double Bass Strings, Natural Gut G&D

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  • This set consists of PLAIN GUT G and D strings and wound synthetic-core A and E. Make sure you're selecting this item when you want the natural gut top-two strings, as the set is also available with a synthetic G and D. A recent addition by Pirastro to its Evah Pirazzi family, this is an exciting innovation for bassists who like the combination of natural and wrapped strings. We can say it's a very good set for jazz playing; though the manufacturer suggests they are good for baroque arco playing, we found them to be less responsive to the bow than gut strings made specifically for arco.

    The Evah Pirazzi Slap set is a unique blend of modern and traditional core materials, combining a plain gut
    G and D with a synthetic core chrome steel wound A and E. The tone is dark and rich, with great projection - ideal for slap style but also great for old-school pizzicato. The tension is low and even across the entire fingerboard.

  • The plain gut G and D of the Evah Pirazzi Slap set are made of sheep gut using new techniques which allow for reduced playing-in-time and increased tuning stability without losing the beauty of the gut sound. Also available as a complete modern synthetic core set: the same warm and round sound, low string tension, very easy playability with exceptional tuning stability, all at an very attractive price.

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