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Flexocor Deluxe Bass String, Extended E/C Single

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Flexocor Deluxe is a remarkable new addition to the Pirastro line. They are fairly high tension, with substantial volume output, and lighting-fast response. Neutral in tone - neither very dark nor excessively bright. Highly recommended for orchestra playing; excellent assist to basses that are inherently low-tension, that are quiet or slow to respond. They seem to be quite durable, surviving even the performance and practice schedule of symphony players in excess of one year, and we have seen great results with this string on both student instruments and fine basses. Choose regular GDAE set (priced as shown above) or set for basses with C extension (additional cost) in the options. Contraindicated for: basses which are already very tight; jazz playing; basses which are already very bright-sounding; some brand-new basses.

NEWS: we're now adding Extended Sets and GDA-only sets to our most popular bass strings! No need to order invididual strings when you want an extended set - just choose Extended set from the options! How fast will we expand the selection? It's up to you - let us know what you are looking for! We do sell individual strings and receive replacement stock every few days, so if it's not shown, please don't hesitate to call us at 713-909-0994 or email quantumbasscenter@gmail.com.