Double bass pickup, Fishman Full Circle at Quantum Bass Center – Quantum Bass Market

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Pickup, bass, Fishman Full Circle - Quantum Bass Market
Pickup, bass, Fishman Full Circle - Quantum Bass Market

Pickup, bass, Fishman Full Circle

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We have a couple of Full Circle pickups in "bulk packaging", which is a fancy way of saying "in a plastic bag instead of the display box". This is a legit method of receiving new pickups which is offered from time to time by the distributor, at a discount. We can only think they have been overlooked in the showroom because they don't have the retail packaging. Includes warranty card and all parts.

The Full Circle pickup by Fishman is one of the few pickups we can truly recommend. It doesn't interfere with the fit and function of your bridge. It is known to be reliable and to produce a good, clear tone. The jack mount is simple, the pickup is unobtrusive in appearance, and the overall design is highly intelligent - the Full Circle pickup replaces one of your bridge adjusters and is supplied with a matching adjuster for the other bridge leg. They are available in three different threads. This one is 1/4" x 20 - the most common thread on aluminum adjusters. We install these pickups as a replacement for aluminum or brass bridge adjusters, or from scratch if your bridge has no adjusters yet. Please note that if you are purchasing this pickup to install as a replacement for existing adjusters, be very certain your current bridge adjusters are 1/4" x 20 thread. Returns are accepted only if the item you receive is not this pickup. The item is factory warranted. To match the pickup to your instrument and playing style, a fine-tuning feature lets you quickly choose between an open, resonant response or a drier and more focused amplified tone.