Pirastro - Evah Pirazzi Bass String Set - WEICH - (Light Gauge) EXTENDED SET (G, D, A, C Extension)

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Evah Pirazzi WEICH are like the Orchestra set but in a light gauge; in case your bass likes a lighter pressure in the top. The Evah Pirazzi string is possibly the best on the market for 'crossover' players who play both classical and jazz. Lending ample volume to the bass without adding excess tension, Evah Pirazzi strings give a flexible feel to the left hand, and an elegant sound. We also find they are popular with part-time players and those new to upright bass, as they are are easy on the left hand, and they can do wonders for basses that tend to sound closed or quiet. Interestingly, they also do well on very large basses, such as 5-string instruments and 7/8 size. Manufactured in Medium (Orchestra) weight and Light (Weich). Choose the set you wish from the options.