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Spirocore Bass String, Single high C - medium gauge

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This purchase is for one Spirocore Medium Gauge High C string for 3/4 bass, most commonly used on 5-string basses in E-A-D-G-C tuning. The A-D-G-C tuning is also occasionally used on 4-string basses for solo playing. A few brands manufacture a high C string for double bass; Spirocore is the most popular. This is a thin, highly-responsive and BRIGHT string. Did we mention it's very bright-sounding? If the rest of the strings on your bass are not Spirocore, it will stick out tonally as being much brighter, although it does get mellower upon break-in. High C tuning on the double bass is tremendously gratifying for solo playing. If you are playing a part in a bass ensemble, there is great advantage to one player using this tuning. Any ad hoc solo playing is made a great deal simpler with this extended high range and added projection. All this for just investing in one string!

If, however, you're a student studying the standard double bass solo literature and who must play a qualifying recital, you'll be expected to use ordinary solo tuning and demonstrate your competence at the fingerings and positions required.

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