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Spirocore Bass String, Single Extended E/C, Medium Gauge - Quantum Bass Market

Spirocore Bass String, Single Extended E/C, Medium Gauge

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One medium gauge Spirocore extended string, for bass with C or B extension. Spirocore Medium are one of the minority of low strings that will fit a B extension! This is a popular extended string, even for players who are using the top three from a different brand, due to its volume and punch. Some really wonderful brands, such as Original FlatChrome and Eudoxa, don't make an extended string, and depending on the character of your bass and your playing, this Spirocore may be the best choice. The Bel Canto extended string isn't long enough for a B extension, so a majority of Bel Canto players use either this string or Evah Pirazzi.

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