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Spirocore Bass String Set, Weich (Light Gauge)

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Full set (G,D,A,E) of Spirocore Weich (light gauge) bass strings. Noticeably lower tension than Medium gauge, and great for a wide range of basses from large to small, though if your bass already sounds very bright, they can exacerbate a nasal tone. Very good arco response, though some players find them to be a bit scratchy. They produce clear harmonics and have long sustain. A favorite with contemporary-music bassists. Break-in can take as long as two weeks, depending on how much you're playing daily, before the extreme brightness settles down, but once these strings are played in, they are extremely durable and consistent, lasting well over a year. Spirocore strings die dramatically and it's unquestionable when they need replacing, so you won't be wondering as your tone gradually becomes dull and faded - the day they go belly-up, you'll know it. However, that will be a long time in the future.