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Info articles from Quantum Bass Center

  • Say no to the latest PayPal rate hike

    TLDR: We will stop accepting PayPal when they raise their rates on August 2. Please go to your PayPal account and send them feedback that rate hike...
  • Double Bass Tailpieces, in brief

    Did you know the tailpiece on your double bass (upright bass) has a large effect on its tone and response? As bassists, we’re always looking for an...

    We're constantly asked about upright / double bass strings, and are on a constant project to match up the basses in the showroom with strings that show them off at their best.  As jazz players, classical players, and period-performance players, we have personal experience with a large number of brands on a wide variety of basses.  
  • ABOUT BASS ROSIN - Pops, Kolstein, Petz, Wiedoeft Rosin, etc.

    Quantum Bass Center's Guide to Rosin -

    We are staffed by insatiably curious bassists, and yes, we give a thorough trial to anything that may offer even the smallest advantage to the challenge of playing the bass. We've tried every brand of bass rosin we can get.