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We're constantly asked about upright / double bass strings, and are on a constant project to match up the basses in the showroom with strings that show them off at their best.  As jazz players, classical players, and period-performance players, we have personal experience with a large number of brands on a wide variety of basses.  

Corelli - Savarez Corelli 370M Tungsten 

D'Addario - Helicore, Helicore Hybrid, Zyex



La Bella

Pirastro - Original Flexocor, Original Flat Chrome Steel, Flexocor, Flexocor Deluxe, Flat Chrome, Evah Pirazzi, Passione, Olive

Thomastik-Infeld - Spirocore, Belcanto, Superflexible, and Dominant

Velvet Bass Strings 


Our exclusive, innovative BASS STRING CHOOSER for suggestions of strings brands for your bass and playing style!

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