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Bow Tubing (Grip), Black Latex - Quantum Bass Market
Bow Tubing (Grip), Black Latex - Quantum Bass Market
Bow Tubing (Grip), Black Latex - Quantum Bass Market

Bow Tubing (Grip), Black Latex

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TWO PIECES of 2.5 inches of latex (natural rubber) bow tubing. 1/2" interior diameter. Uniquely, Quantum Bass Center invests the labor to bevel the ends of the pieces of tubing for a neater, more professional appearance - while still offering this handy product at the lowest price anywhere! Use to cushion your bow and assist in balancing. A great help with bows that are slightly tip-heavy, including German bows (on which bow tubing is not often thought of). A big boost to beginning French bow players, as it dramatically reduces the fatigue felt in the opponens pollicis (large muscle of the thumb), and, since it largely prevents the thumb from slipping under the bow stick, allows for playing with a more relaxed hand. Pre-loaded with corn starch for ease of installation. Trim shorter with scissors, if desired. See photo for example of product installed on a bow (bow not included). Made of latex (NB: latex is not hypo-allergenic). Tubing is Concert Black color.

Q: How is this tubing installed on the bow?
A: Completely unscrew and remove the adjusting screw; carefully lift the frog off the stick. Avoid buggering up the fragile edges of the mortise with the eyelet. "Slide" (it usually does not slide too well) the tubing over the end of the stick - usually involving shoving until your eyes pop out. Add more corn starch if necessary. Don't use oil or soap to aid installation, as it degrades the tubing and in a few months, turns it unto a disgusting, sticky mess that must be replaced. Once it's over the stick past the location of the frog, re-assemble the frog and adjuster screw, then pull the tubing back over the tongue of the frog.
Q: Why would I put this on my German bow?
A: As above, it's an aid in balancing, and it's very useful for the times when you take your German bow overhand to play a passage with a lot of fast string crossings (such as the Badinerie from Bach's Orchestral Suite No. 2). The reduction of the degree of drama in learning this passage up to tempo by the simple expedient of holding your German bow overhand in front of the frog is quite phenomenal. It most cases, a German bow held overhand produces easier results on this and similar passages (the fugue in the overture of the same piece; Handel's overture to 'Giulio Cesare', Vivaldi 'L'Estate', Berlioz Roman Carnival Overture, etc) than a French bow. Not even making this up. It's the shizzle.

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