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Pirastro Flexocor Deluxe Bass String Set - Solo tuning (F#BEA) - out of package/demo

Pirastro Flexocor Deluxe Bass String Set - Solo tuning (F#BEA) - out of package/demo

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One set Flexocor Deluxe solo strings, out of package. String ends are bent indicating they were installed on a bass, but they show no signs of wear. If memory serves, they were briefly strung up on a bass for an exhibit that needed to include solo tuning, then returned to our stock of strings kept for instrument trials. Our lack of anticipated need for this function is your gain - take this virtually-new set of top-notch strings for just $55! No kidding!

Flexocor Deluxe is a remarkable recent addition to the Pirastro line, and the solo strings have proved to be one of the best and most popular solo strings on the market! We find them to be a vast improvement over the older Pirastro labels of solo strings. As you may have experienced, some solo strings are troublesome with a whiny, even screechy tone, or poor/scratchy response to the bow. Flexocor Deluxe solo strings evidence none of these troubles. Response is clean and extremely quick. They offer very good resonance and (for solo strings) a pretty round tone. Break-in is fairly quick, requiring comparatively little playing time before the tone settles. They allow the bass to be more open, with an easier feel under the left hand, than some solo strings, which can make the bass feel rigid or brittle. They are a great choice if you want a clean sound, like Bel Canto or Passione solo strings, but just a little more edge, while being less 'edgy' than Spirocore Solo. Flexocor Deluxe strings, in general, tend to get tighter and brighter as they age, and to lose resonance, so if you feel your bass is gradually becoming harder to play with these strings on, it's likely time for a new set. It is the opposite effect from most strings, which get flabbier and lose their high partials as they age.

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