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Wolf Eliminator, bass, 18 gram brass

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Solid brass weight, 18 grams, wolf note suppressor for bass - made in USA. Friction-fit to the afterlength of the string. Slides to position the weight precisely over the offending oscillation and stamp it out like a bad virus. Install on your A string afterlength, about 1.5 cm below the bridge for starters, then slide it lower no more than 1-2 millimeters at a time, and you'll find the wolf. In rare instances, it may need to be closer to the bridge than 1.5cm. If you slide it around by larger distances, you may be fooled into thinking you need a larger suppressor to do the job, at the sacrifice of healthy, clear overtones that you want to keep.

Why do we stock this brand? We find it to be the simplest and most effective. And why 18 grams? It's really important not to add more weight than it takes to reduce the wolf note just below the threshold of intolerable annoyance - we have found heavier suppressors to be overkill and, as such, not really useful. Our commitment to offering bassists the products that have been thoroughly investigated and really work leaves us with the 18 gram - one and done, bada boom.

For more information about wolf tones and less-intrusive ways to manage them, see our article "The Big Bad Wolf Tone"

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