Stoppin End Pin Anchor Floor Protector – Quantum Bass Market
Endpin Anchor "Stoppin" - Quantum Bass Market
Endpin Anchor "Stoppin" - Quantum Bass Market
Endpin Anchor "Stoppin" - Quantum Bass Market

Endpin Anchor "Stoppin"

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For those who still use a straight endpin, an endpin anchor is an essential accessory, so you must carry around this misnomer, when in actuality, it doesn't do a thing for your endpin - it keeps other people's floors from getting holes. It would only make sense if all floors were made out of this stuff, but sad to say, the world is not as bass-centric as it should be. It follows that it must get lost, and you must order a new one. Don't worry, for at these great prices, you can anticipate losing the next one, and order two! The "Stoppin" is a superior endpin anchor, and let me tell you why. It's grippy, and doesn't become less grippy over time. It grips the floor, and it grips your endpin simultanously. Even though the inventor of "Stoppin" was a cellist, he's pretty clever. He knew we bassists can't see around the bass and get a clear view of the trajectory of the endpin when we are trying to stab the anchor, so he kindly designed "Stoppin" in such a way that anywhere your endpin lands on it, "Stoppin" will stop your endpin. Bless him. "Stoppin" is manufactured in several festive colors, such as blue and green. We have elected to carry the clear version, which is the one most requested by decorators. **UPDATE: Blue is now available. Sweet.