Carbon Fiber Angled Double Bass Endpin at Quantum Bass Center – Quantum Bass Market
Endpin, bass, Carbon Fiber Angled 'Laborie Style' - Quantum Bass Market

Endpin, bass, Carbon Fiber Angled 'Laborie Style'

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The original Carbon Fiber Angled Endpin, AKA the "Laborie-Rabbath" and "graphite" (even though it's not graphite) endpin. Compare! Ours comes with BOTH with a heat hardened spike tip and a screw on rubber ball, and for far less than sold elsewhere. Made in USA, standard taper. 1/2" x 18" long carbon fiber shaft, Delrin tapered plug. Friction fit into the bass. Requires that the bass be drilled for the angled (AKA "Laborie style") endpin. We can cut the endpin shaft to length before shipping if specified (not returnable if cut) - please email us when you place your order with the desired OVERALL length of the endpin, delrin plug and threaded tip. NB: you will have to glue on the heat-hardened tip with Super Glue, et al after cutting to length. If you have us cut it to length, we can glue on the tip before shipping.

Or, choose our exclusive, custom-milled white oak endpins in several lengths with floor spike HERE

Get a super-durable pear-shaped rubber stopper for the replacement you'll ultimately need, and save on shipping!