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Endpin, wood, Quantum's exclusive precision, end pins 4-14" (12" and up are $10 additional) - Quantum Bass Market
Endpin, wood, Quantum's exclusive precision, end pins 4-14" (12" and up are $10 additional) - Quantum Bass Market

Endpin, wood, Quantum's exclusive precision, end pins 4-14" (12" and up are $10 additional)

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If you are asking yourself "Self, WHAT IS THIS ITEM?", see our article "The Straight Dope on Angled Endpins"!

QBC's Custom oak Laborie-style endpin! Our endpins are made right here in the shop from the highest grade white oak, custom-milled just for us to 1" diameter (this is not ordinary dowel you can buy at Home Depot!), then precision-turned to exactly match the taper of the standard reamer used to cut the hole in the bass. Hand-finished with multiple coats of Danish oil. Supplied with a heavy-duty rubber stopper.

In answer to a multitude of customer requests for a neutral-colored endpin stopper that would not leave marks or smudges on their better half's floors and carpets, the default color of our stoppers is now grey. Think of them as sneakers for your endpin. If you are a bachelor and/or plan to remain one, feel free to request a black stopper in your order notes, or to order a backup black stopper for those occasions when you prefer dress attire for your endpin.

Please select with care to ensure you are ordering a long enough endpin - returns on this item are accepted only in the event the item received is not an angled wood endpin in the length ordered. We cannot guarantee compatibility with basses that have been reamed to any other taper than the standard 1:17. This product is manufactured for use with basses which are already drilled and reamed to the standard taper for the "angled endpin" or "Laborie-style" endpin. 
NB: lengths given are OVERALL length of the wood, excluding the stopper. The length that extends into your bass will depend on the accuracy of its drilling. The original Laborie endpins extended 65mm into the tapered hole on the maximal-depth side, so ours are designed to do the same, but don't order the shortest length you may need, then find it's too short as the hole in your bass is different.

Replacement stoppers: We sell replacement stoppers for a nominal cost - you may also replace your stopper with any type of stopper you like. Many are available at hardware stores as furniture leg tips. We stock the most heavy-duty stoppers we can source (having tested every brand available), but regrettably, we don't warranty stoppers due to widely varying habits of players. We have heard of some players wearing out two stoppers in a week, while others report going through just one endpin stopper in several years of daily use. 

PLEASE NOTE: In the interest of improving accuracy and reducing lead time, we have streamlined the endpin sizes we offer. Custom, fraction-of-an-inch sizes and special orders are, at the moment, not offered. If you need an endpin in an in-between length, simply order the next longest length and cut shorter with any saw.