The Freshest Pops' Bass Rosin heat sealed only at Quantum Bass – Quantum Bass Market
Pops' Bass Rosin Individually Sealed - Quantum Bass Market
Pops' Bass Rosin Individually Sealed - Quantum Bass Market
Pops' Bass Rosin Individually Sealed - Quantum Bass Market
Pops' Bass Rosin Individually Sealed - Quantum Bass Market
Pops' Bass Rosin Individually Sealed - Quantum Bass Market

Pops' Bass Rosin Individually Sealed. Or not, your choice

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   UPDATE: The recently-received two gross of POPS' BASS ROSIN sold out in a week. It was a singular adventure, with a record 111 shipments generated and shipped out in a single day. Thank you all for your patronage.

FAQ: When will Pops' be back in stock?

A: we don't have an ETA for replacement stock of Pops'. In general we understand it could be several months (from Feb. 2022)



Oyez, oyez: production of highly popular Pops' rosin is currently subject to production delays, without an ETA or further availability information. This fine product is made in the USA by a small business, and can not be rushed or sourced elsewhere. As we are the closest retailer to the Pops' manufactory, we're always the first to have it when each batch is made.

The fastest way to acquire a cake of Pops' from the very next batch made is to enter your email address in the 'EMAIL WHEN AVAILABLE' box on this page. 

NB we were very sad to learn that stockpiling has contributed to the backorder issue. In order to serve the maximum number of clients who have been waiting for the next manufacturing run, shipments will be limited to two (2) Pops' per order. We also expect a price increase.

NOW, HEAT-SEALED FOR ULTIMATE FRESHNESS  - Available ONLY at Quantum Bass Center, the resource for the most select, innovative bass accessories since 2011.

The original Pops' Bass Rosin, still made in Houston! Since we are located just a few miles from the Pops' factory and receive direct deliveries immediately when Pops' is made, we always have the freshest batch available to pass along to you. Seriously! It doesn't dry out on a cross-country or global shipment, nor does it sit on our shelf an undisclosed period of time - we are a very high-volume supplier of Pops' to bassists (and entire orchestra sections) worldwide, so our high product turnover ensures we frequently receive deliveries, always from the latest batch.

What's more, we (uniquely among dealers) invest the labor and material to heat-seal each individual cake, so it reaches you as fresh as when it was made - yet we still sell it for less!

Pops' has no waxes or fillers, mighty string-gripping power, and an almost mystical ability to weld bow hair together unless properly applied, adheres readily to all surfaces of your bass, and is suitable for all climates that are suitable for bass playing. It also comes out of its container in amazing, spontaneous sculptural shapes known as "Pops'sicles" - no other rosin can claim the entertainment value of Pops' on a warm day.


Q: Are there any internet retailers or stores who have any fresher Pops' rosin?

A: No. Pops' rosin is made in Houston and we receive deliveries immediately, always from the most recent batch, since we are also in Houston and Pops' is always in demand.

Q: I always thought the name was POP'S rosin.

A: This misnomer is so common, there are even retailers who don't know the proper name of the product - but product knowledge is one of the reasons you are shopping here, and not there! Actually, since Pops' rosin was named for its creator, the late POPS, bassist in the Houston Symphony (and friend of several of our bassist friends), and his name was Pops and not Pop, the proper name of the most popular bass rosin is Pops'.

Q: I heard it's called POPS because it's sticky and makes your bow attack pop on the strings.


Q: Can I get a dealer discount for purchasing in quantity?

A: Quantum Bass Center is a dealer, not a distributor, of Pops', and already sells Pops' at retail for less than most dealers. We are happy to supply you with any quantity, subject to availability, but can not offer a volume discount. All cakes of Pops' shipped from Quantum Bass Center are heat-sealed and will have our dealer label on the container.

Q: My sealed packaging seems to be too sealed/not sealed enough

A: Thanks for the feedback. All the packages are sealed so air can't circulate and dry out your new rosin, but not all of them achieve a vacuum. All that's necessary for the purpose is that the packaging is sealed.

Q: Do you think my rosin will stay fresh until I open the sealed packaging?

A: Yes. Yes, in fact, we do. That's the point of sealing the packages, you see.

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