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Rosin, Bass, Kolstein, Soft Grade - Quantum Bass Market
Rosin, Bass, Kolstein, Soft Grade - Quantum Bass Market

Rosin, Bass, Kolstein, Soft Grade

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Kolstein rosin produces a very nice sound, classy, warm and even. It is also the rosin we recommend to players who need their rosin to last a long time. While we pride ourselves on (too many things, probably, but especially) being the source for absolutely the freshest Pops' Rosin, since it's made right in our town and we receive immediate deliveries from each new batch, and we strongly advocate using fresh rosin, it's just a fact that very soft bass rosin has a limited lifespan and needs replacing more than once a year. Therefore, we recommend Kolstein All-Weather to schools on a tight budget, both for its high quality and its durability. Kolstein also has the unique property of being forgiving of over-application. It makes a great gift to the stand partner who habitually over-rosins and then sounds like a chainsaw. Although over-rosining is never a great idea, over-applying Kolstein Rosin isn't catastrophic. Another great thing about Kolstein Rosin is that it's comparatively easy to clean it off the bass, bow and strings, so around the shop here, we offer Kolstein to players trying out instruments and bows. We are also fans of the packaging of Kolstein Rosin - it comes with underwear, a very clever flexible inner container that prevents the rosin from self-sculpting while making it easy to apply.

Now available in All-Weather and Soft grades!