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Spirocore Upright Bass String Set, Solo tuning (F#BEA) - Quantum Bass Market

Spirocore Upright Bass String Set, Solo tuning (F#BEA)

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One set of Spirocore solo-tuning bass strings for upright string bass: F#, B, E, A. Thomastik Spirocore Solo strings continue to be one of the most popular solo-tuning sets ever manufactured, with a well-deserved reputation for projection, clarity, and ease of playing. Clear harmonics are one of their benchmarks. A fairly long break-in time, during which other household members may experience an increased risk of hara-kiri, but once they settle in, the excess brightness dissipates. Spirocore solo strings are actually very good at orchestra pitch, and can be a very good solution for literature with a lot of harmonics, basses that are really tight, or for players who need low tension while they are developing hand strength.


 These are S43 (7/8)  if you are looking for the rarer "true" 3/4 length, please contact us and we can special order this product for you!

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