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Original FlatChrome Bass String Set - Quantum Bass Market

Original FlatChrome Bass String Set

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Please note! Though the name and packaging of Original FlatChrome bass strings (purple/white winding) is very similar to Flat Chrome-Steel (maroon/white winding), there is a world of difference in these strings! Please be certain you are choosing the string you want when ordering. These are in essence DARK ORCHESTRAL strings. Investing in Original FlatChrome strings can bring many basses to a higher level of tone and response. The sound is classy, sleek, and expansive. An orchestra string, less bright than most, enables more low end from the bass than many of the most popular strings. They can give a significant boost to tight or less-expensive basses, and are dynamite on fine instruments. If there is a reason Original FlatChrome is not the standard in orchestra strings, it would be the response is not quite as easy as with Bel Canto or Passione. They are not as 'forgiving' and take some work to get used to, requiring skill and vigilance to produce clean articulations. Though they are demanding, Original FlatChrome strings return significant benefits in an open, powerful sound from the bass.

NEWS: we're now adding Extended Sets and GDA-only sets to our most popular bass strings! No need to order invididual strings when you want an extended set - just choose Extended set from the options! How fast will we expand the selection? It's up to you - let us know what you are looking for! We do sell individual strings and receive replacement stock every few days, so if it's not shown, please don't hesitate to call us at 713-909-0994 or email quantumbasscenter@gmail.com.