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Superflexible Bass String Set, Medium Gauge

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Thomastik Superflexible are one of our favorite strings for all types of pizz playing. One of the oldest brands of steel strings on the market, Superflexible strings have been a staple for many, many decades, with a well-earned reputation, and we're not sure why they are less well-known in recent times. They share much of the character and construction of Spirocore strings: a similar core gives them a very similar tone to Spirocore, while being slightly more FLEXIBLE (hence their name! Get it? Haha! SUPER FLEXIBLE!!!) which translates into a lower-tension feel. They have the long sustain of Spirocore, while the lower tension allows the bass to be even louder. They are offered in Medium tension and Solo Tuning versions. Superflexible are also one of the only brands that offers a 4/4 size extended string, meaning they will fit basses with B extensions. They are also available for 5-string basses with low H (AKA 'B' in American). They are an outstanding choice if you find Spirocore Medium to be just a bit too stiff for your bass and Spirocore Weich to be too light. They're also great if you like Spirocore, but also like money, as they are a bit less expensive. They would also be one of our favorite arco strings - they definitely win in the tone and volume categories - but tend to be a bit scratchy under the bow. Some players are able to manage this well and prevent bow scratch, and this possible detriment may be outweighed by whether Superflexible is an overall advantage to your bass. They would be a terrific choice for legato, jazz arco, contemporary music, and other lit that doesn't require split-millisecond articulation on string crossings, spiccato and sautille'. They are not your go-to string for Mozart! They are a great solution for basses that tend to be too quiet, 'stuffy', or dead-sounding.