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Superior Bassworks 'Deluxe' bass Strings, set of 6, gut color - Quantum Bass Market

Superior Bassworks 'Deluxe' bass Strings, set of 6, gut color

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Superior Bassworks 'Deluxe' Kevlar-core nylon bass strings have a texture that has been "spiral cut" into the string. This slight texture facilitates better gripping of the strings for lightning fast pizzicato playing, and drag triplets with with almost no effort. The strings "grab" the air and force it to move, producing more mid and low end tone when playing acoustically. These string sets come as a 6 string “bump” assortment (2 sizes of "E", 2 sizes of "G") for 1/2, 3/4, and 4/4 size double bass. The idea is that some players prefer thinner, lower tension strings while others prefer thicker, higher tension stings. Why not offer a wide array of thickness and tension all in one package of strings? This is exactly what you receive - 6 strings in the set, and for a phenomenal price! Superior Bassworks strings also feature rubber dipped metal ends. NO KNOTS to come untied in the middle of your set! You need strings that sound great when played acoustic or amplified, strings that wont tear your fingers up if you need to play 3 sets in one night, strings that stay in tune in hot/cold/humid/dry climates. You need Superior Bassworks Kevlar cored nylon strings for double bass. Perfect for Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Bluegrass, Country/Western, and much much more!

Here at Quantum Bass Center, we have tried out the Deluxe string set, and in our humble opinion, they play very much like gut strings. We've even tried bowing them, and amazingly, they bow very much like natural gut! It was hard to believe we were actually playing continuo parts with a set of synthetic strings, apart from the lack of terror and unease that they were either going to go severely flat without warning, or break. There was also a vague sense of guilt that the strings cost less than $400 a set, but that dissipated pretty quickly. Stock color "deluxe" strings are available in Jet Black and Dirty Gut. This listing is for "Dirty Gut" color Deluxe strings.

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